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Caorle - a small treasure chest on the Adriatic coast

Endowed with a soul that conquers, Caorle is one of the oldest towns on the Veneto-Friuli coast. It will be the picturesque village with a lagoon flavor, or the extraordinary Romanesque monumental complex, or the numerous typical restaurants open all year round; finally it will be the very particular joviality of the indigenous population, which transmits an irrepressible good humor. Whatever it is, in Caorle it is really good.



The small treasure of Caorle is the eighteenth-century church dedicated to the Madonna dell'Angelo, whose bell tower overlooking the sea, serves as a conspicuous point, equipped with a white lighthouse. It stands on a small peninsula, with a porticoed facade facing west. To its left is the Sacheta bay, an ancient port of Caorle, which for centuries housed Bragozzi; while to its right begins the long protective dam, made of boulders in euganean tracheite, which since 1993 have been skilfully sculpted by various artists, who have created the very particular walk of the living cliff. But the Madonnina, protector of fishermen, is first of all the place most dear to the devotion of the local population, which with its exuberant character, gives this seaside resort that unique tone, anything but artifact that characterizes it.



To complete the visit to the ancient part of Caorle, you have to go through the calli and campielli, with their typical historical architecture, of Venetian lagoon origin, with simple volumes, and at the same time harmonious, with bright colors. And the lively fishing port, which welcomes the tireless industriousness of the second Venetian fleet, and gives an extremely vital and true tone to this town, where traditional activities are combined with modern tourist culture.


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